Entrepreneurial Personal Training

At a Glance

Skill Level: All
Duration: 2 hours
Training Cost: $500
Released: 2018-05-22
Updated: 2018-05-22

About this training:

Personal training with Martina Young provides an opportunity to develop essential strategies for your business. Two (one-hour) LIVE strategy meetings with her is the best platform to ask questions and receive feedback that can be applies to your business RIGHT NOW!

Personal training is our most popular product, so availability is limited. Our scheduling is automated and very easy; just select an available date and time, and you're in!

There are no business related subject matters that are off limits. You will have access to over twenty years of entrepreneurship at your disposal. This can be set up via teleconference or web conference at a time that is most convenient for you. In addition, Up to two (2) additional business partners or colleagues are allowed to join the sessions.